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Are you looking for a job that isn’t ‘just a job’?

The beauty of aged care work is that you get to witness firsthand the incredible impact you’re making on the lives of others. There is nothing more enriching than offering care and compassion to those who need it most. Not only do you get to engage in a diverse and ever-changing role, but you also get to provide crucial support for a range of individuals. Aged care workers get to foster comfort, independence, and joy in the lives of their clients.

This industry is wide and varied. Over the past few years, Australia has seen a skyrocketing demand for aged care workers. A broad range of roles are available in the sector suited to different skills and passions. Now is better than ever to step into a refreshing and rewarding career in the health industry.

With aged care courses available for Port Macquarie residents at Breakthru College, we would love to be your provider for high-quality aged care training and help you get started in a new career this year.

Breakthru College Training in Port Macquarie

Here at Breakthru College, we deliver tailored aged care courses to best align with your career aspirations and intended outcomes. Our courses are carefully designed to teach both practical skills and theoretical knowledge in a variety of areas, including personal care competencies and procedural understanding.

Breakthru College curriculums involve mandatory work placements, ensuring that you graduate equipped with real-life experience and hands-on learning. Work placement is a compulsory part of completing these courses, and while we do not guarantee or directly assist with work placements for you, we will guide you in the right direction to ensure you can find a suitable work placement to complete during your training.

To make your transition into aged care work more accessible than ever, you can choose from in-person and online options for your classes. Periodically courses can be completed in person at our affiliated location Breakthru Port Macquarie or via online.

No matter which mode of learning you choose, your coursework will be supported by our highly skilled and experienced team of Breakthru College trainers.

Local aged care courses

Breakthru College Courses in Port Macquarie

Your studies don’t have to feel like a chore. Breakthru College is committed to delivering comprehensive and engaging courses, ensuring that you graduate feeling fully equipped for your new career. Take a look at our nationally recognised courses available in Port Macquarie below, and follow the links to learn more about entry and unit requirements.

CHC33021: Certificate III in Individual Support

With this qualification, support workers are able to fulfill roles in both community and residential settings. Workers provide person-centred support through individualised plans for individuals who need care due to the effects of ageing.

This course is not available in person at our Port Macquarie location, but is available for online study.

Course Duration: 6-12 months
Work Placement: 120 hours (mandatory)
Aged Care Job Prospects Include:

  • Aged care assistant
  • Aged care social worker
  • Residential support worker
  • Care service employee
  • Homecare assistant

CHC43015: Certificate IV in Ageing Support

This qualification enables support workers to complete specialised tasks and functions across home, residential, and community settings. This requires more autonomy and leadership as workers navigate defined guidelines to provide services through the development, facilitation, and review of individualised plans.

Locations for in-person classes are available on request. Please contact our friendly training team to discuss further.

Course Duration: 6-12 months
Work Placement: 120 hours (mandatory)
Aged Care Job Prospects Include:

  • Care supervisor
  • Care service team leader
  • Care activity worker

The Current State of the Aged Care Industry in Port Macquarie

All across Australia, the majority of individuals would rather maintain independent living in their own homes for as long as they can. This sense of autonomy and comfort is crucial for people as they age, but they often cannot remain living at home without the support of dedicated aged care workers.

In Port Macquarie, just as in the rest of the country, there is a noticeable contrast between the amount of individuals requiring aged care support and the amount of workers available. From 2019 to 2020 alone, over a million Australians received care, highlighting a substantially ageing population. While 840,000 individuals benefited from the Commonwealth Home Support Program, only 76,096 workers were employed through the program in 2020.

As the demographic of individuals over sixty-five continues to increase across the country, we need more aged care support workers than ever.

Aged care sector in Port Macquarie

Why Choose Breakthru College?

Nationally Recognised Qualifications

Our courses are fully accredited and nationally recognised. We regularly collaborate with the government and industry-leading organisations to ensure we stay responsive to changing needs and requirements across the country. You can trust that your course is relevant and up to date.

Dedicated Team of Trainers

We’re passionate about what we do. With our team of highly skilled, qualified, and experienced local trainers, you can rest assured that you will have all the support you need to flourish throughout your studies.

Transform Your Career Trajectory

Ready to discover a more fulfilling and enriching lifestyle? Training to become an aged care worker with Breakthru College could very well be a pivotal point in your life, equipping you to positively impact countless lives through your day-to-day work.

Contact Breakthru College Today to Learn More

Are you ready to enter a more dynamic industry for your next job? Look for a registered training organisation that can properly prepare you to care for those who require support.

Your journey at Breakthru College could pave the way for a more fulfilling future as an employee. Your qualification will enable you to complete a range of tasks in several care roles, such as delivering first aid, assisting with daily activities, and coordinating social events. We help students develop valuable new skills to be taken into residential, community, and home care settings.

To enquire about our courses available in the Port Macquarie area, reach out to our friendly team at Breakthru College today.

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