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Working in aged care is a truly rewarding and enriching experience that can make a significant difference to older individuals, their families, and society. It is more than a job; it is a diverse and stimulating role that allows you to be a part of people’s lives when they require – and deserve – extra care and compassion to help them become more comfortable, independent, and happy.

The aged care sector is wide and varied. As the size of the older population increases, the need for qualified care workers grows. Our courses at Breakthru College provide high-quality training so that you can be well prepared and competent for this role.

Our courses are fully accredited and nationally recognised. Regular interaction with government and industry organisations means we are responsive to needs and changing requirements, keeping our courses up to date and relevant.

Our classes are delivered by our highly qualified, skilled, and experienced local trainers. Classes are available face-to-face or online. The latter option provides you with more flexibility, allowing you to study remotely. Both modes are fully supported by our dedicated and highly experienced trainers.

Training to become an aged care worker through Breakthru College can be a turning point in your life with a long-term impact that will positively shape countless lives.

A graduate of an aged care course in NSW assisting a patient

Study Aged Care Support Through Breakthru College

There are several courses at Breakthru College that you can choose to study depending on your desired outcomes and career trajectory. These may involve various practical skills and theory, such as procedural and medication knowledge and personal care competencies.

Our courses involve work placements for real-life learning and experience. During these, you will be well supported by knowledgeable and qualified workers and trainers. You can choose from in-person and online options for classes. The delivery mode and qualification type will be reflected in the duration length of your course.

Our Aged Care Courses

The courses at Breakthru College are comprehensive, engaging, and nationally recognised. For more specific details regarding entry requirements, delivery modes, and unit requirements for all of our courses, please follow the links.

Available courses include:

CHC33021: Certificate III in Individual Support 

Support workers with this qualification have roles in the community or residential settings. They provide person-centred support with individualised plans to people who require care due to ageing.  

Course duration:

  • 6 – 12 months

 Work placement:

  • 120 hours (mandatory)

 Aged Care job prospects include:

  • Aged care social worker.
  • Aged care assistant.
  • Residential support worker.
  • Homecare assistant.
  • Care service employee.

CHC43015: Certificate IV in Ageing Support 

Support workers with this qualification complete specialised tasks and functions in home, community, and residential settings. More autonomy and leadership is required within defined guidelines while providing service through the development, facilitation, and review of individualised plans. 

Course duration:

  • 6 – 12 months

Work placement:

  • 120 hours (mandatory)

Aged Care job prospects include:

  • Care activity worker.
  • Care service team leader.
  • Care supervisor.

Our Aged Care Course Locations

Breakthru College offers aged care courses at locations across New South Wales and Queensland. Discover our current locations where we periodically offer aged care courses in person. Contact us to find out when courses will be available at a location near you.

Available course locations include:

Contribute With A Breakthru College Aged Care Qualification

Many jobs can feel the same day in, day out. That’s where aged care work differs. You can go from helping provide medications to assisting with activities of daily living to facilitating social gatherings – and the list goes on! Aged care can be provided to people who require assistance in their own home and those who need more ongoing or focused support in a care facility. The people you work with and care for are interesting and multifaceted, and the two-way connection between you can bring learning, understanding, growth, and gratitude.

Studying with us is a great experience that can make a huge difference in your life and can contribute greatly in the future. Talk to our friendly staff to find out more about the courses and qualifications that interest you.

Aged Care in Australia

Most people in Australia wish to remain living as independently as possible in their own homes for as long as it is feasible. As an aged care worker, you can help this become a reality.

Aged care services can involve long and short-term support in a person’s home. Full-time care in a facility or residential care home may eventually be required for some individuals, and this can be highly beneficial for them and their families.

More than one million people in Australia were provided care between 2019 and 2020, reflecting the significant size of the older population. This involved a variety of services and roles. For example, approximately 840,000 people gained home support through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme, and approximately 245, 000 people received care as permanent residents in aged care facilities.

Due to the increasing size of the older demographic, which is generally classed as people over the age of sixty-five, support workers are in great demand. In 2020, the Commonwealth Home Support Programme had 76,096 workers, and the Residential Aged Care sector had 277,671 workers. When looking at the numbers of older people requiring care in relation to the number of workers, it is clear that support workers are in high demand.

An aged care worker assisting an elderly resident

Your Aged Care Training Questions Answered

How long is an aged care course in Australia?

The duration of our courses depends on the qualification, delivery mode. Most generally take six to twelve months to complete.

How much does it cost to study aged care in Australia?

There are various funding options for eligible students. These include the Smart & Skilled Funding (NSW) and the Skills Assure Funding (QLD). We also offer different payment plan options, such as weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, for those not eligible for subsidised training.

Please contact Breakthru College for specific course fees.

What is the difference between Certificate III in Individual Support and Certificate IV in Ageing Support?

These qualifications overlap in their development of skills and knowledge related to individualised care dependent on the requirements of the older person accessing support. The Certificate IV in Ageing Support provides further training that allows qualification for a position with more autonomy and responsibility, with some leadership expectations.

Do the courses include practical experience in aged care?

Our courses that provide full qualifications involve mandatory work placements. This generally involves 120 hours of fully supported practical experience in an aged care setting.

What education pathways can these courses be included in?

Completion of one of our courses provides you with eligibility to undertake further study, such as a diploma or bachelor-level qualification.

Can I get recognition of prior learning (RPL)?

Yes, prior learning can contribute towards our courses. Please contact Breakthru College for personalised information.

Is aged care a good career path?

Working in aged care is a highly rewarding, diverse job in which you can contribute greatly to your community. Due to the increased expected life span in our society, our older population is growing significantly. Hence, job demand is high, providing good job security and satisfaction.

What are some of the career outcomes after completing the aged care courses from Breakthru College?

Upon successful completion of our aged care courses, you’ll open the doors to numerous career opportunities. These include becoming an aged and disabled carer, community care worker, or a registered training organisation facilitator specialising in aged care. Our nationally recognised qualification prepares you to cater to Australia’s ageing population and provides you with the skills to provide person-centred care in a variety of settings. 

Are online aged care courses available at Breakthru College?

Yes, Breakthru College offers online courses, including aged care courses. This flexible mode of study allows you to learn at your own pace and provides an opportunity to balance your studies with other life commitments. 

What are some of the unique challenges aged care workers face in the industry?

Aged care workers deal with their own unique challenges. These can range from meeting the physical and emotional support needs of clients to navigating the complexities of health care systems and procedures. At Breakthru College, our aged care courses prepare you to effectively tackle these challenges. 

What type of hands-on experience can I expect from the aged care courses at Breakthru College?

Our aged care courses include both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. As part of the course, you’ll undertake work placements in aged care facilities, where you’ll get the opportunity to apply your learning in real-world scenarios. This practical experience ensures you are job-ready upon course completion. 

What is the job outlook for aged care professionals in Australia?

The job outlook for aged care professionals is extremely positive. As Australia’s ageing population continues to grow, so does the high demand for skilled aged care workers. With many aged care employees entering the industry, there’s significant job security, making a career in aged care a rewarding choice. 

How does the Certificate IV in Ageing Support enhance my skills as an aged care worker?

The Certificate IV in Ageing Support builds upon the foundational skills acquired in the Certificate III in Individual Support. This course deepens your knowledge of care strategies, focusing on providing individualised support, understanding healthy body systems, and ensuring community participation for older clients. 

How will the aged care courses at Breakthru College prepare me for a career change into aged care?

Whether you are looking for a new career or seeking career advancement in the social assistance and public administration sectors, our aged care courses provide you with the necessary theoretical and procedural knowledge. We equip you with important skills to provide high-quality care for older people, positioning you for a rewarding career change in the aged care industry. 

What kind of support is provided to online aged care course students at Breakthru College?

At Breakthru College, we ensure our online aged care course students receive extensive support. Our trainers are available for assistance throughout your course, providing guidance on coursework, assessments, and work placement opportunities. We strive to maintain close relationships with our students, ensuring you can meet your career goals with confidence. 

How does Breakthru College aid in achieving job readiness after the successful completion of the aged care courses?

We focus not just on course content but also on developing your overall competence as an aged care worker. We offer comprehensive training in various important skills such as personal hygiene, emotional support, personal care, and community care. With hands-on experience and in-class theoretical training, our students are prepared to meet the range of aged care demands, making them job-ready post successful course completion. 

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