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Better training leads to better outcomes.

Recruiting and retaining quality staff can be tough at the best of times, but now it’s harder than ever before in disability and support services.

Breakthru College can offer fee-free training of accredited skillsets in NSW under the NSW Government. The fee-free training can be used to access and potentially recruit new workers for your organisation.

We will work closely with your organisation to identify the skillset needed for your new recruits and ensure the training is tailored to meet the needs of your organisation and of the learners. Our flexible approach allows the training to be delivered either face-to-face, online or via a blended delivery.

For more information on fee-free skillsets in NSW, contact us now.

We can also deliver bespoke accredited and non-accredited training to your new recruits during their induction and/or to your existing workers to help foster a vibrant, productive and nurturing workplace culture. Some examples include:

  • HLTINF001 Comply with Infection prevention and control policies and procedures (accredited)
  • HLTAID011 Provide first aid (accredited)
  • Emerging leaders (non-accredited)
  • Communication and soft skills (non-accredited)

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The benefits of training your workforce

Improve client care

Investing in training for disability support workers equips them with advanced skills and knowledge, leading to significantly improved quality of care and better client outcomes

Increase employee retention

Providing comprehensive training increases job satisfaction and retention by creating clear career pathways and enhancing work conditions for workers in the sector.

Find quality staff

Companies that invest in training attract and retain high-quality staff who are well-prepared to meet the diverse needs of clients in the disability and healthcare sectors.

Enhance organisational reputation

Organisations known for their robust training programs are seen as leaders in the disability sector, attracting both top talent and clients seeking reliable, high-quality care

Reduce hiring costs

By investing in training and retaining skilled employees, organisations minimise recruitment expenses and ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery

Trusted by organisations big and small

Accredited Qualifications

Individual Support

Certificate III in Individual Support

This qualification reflects the role of workers in community services that offer person-centred support. 6 to 12 months of work placement is required.

Certificate Ageing Support

Certificate IV in Ageing

This course has been created to reflect the real life roles of support workers in their roles in aged services. You will need to find and complete work placement for this qualification of at least 120 hours.

Certificate IV in Disability

Certificate IV in Disability

The Certificate IV in Disability reflects roles where workers empower individuals with disabilities to achieve greater independence and wellbeing. This course can be delivered either in a classroom or online.

Certificate IV in Mental Health

Certificate IV in Mental Health

This certificate is created to reflect the role of workers providing support for those with mental illness through community-based programs. To complete this course you must complete at least 80 hours of placement over the 12 month course duration.

Certificate IV Mental Health Peer Work

Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work

This qualification is for individuals with lived experience of mental illness who wish to work in roles in the mental health sector that support peers or carers. This course can take up to 12 months to complete and requires 80 hours of placement.

Certificate III Allied Health Assistance

Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance

This certification is designed to reflect industry roles of allied health assistants that follow treatment plans and conduct programs under direct supervision of allied health professionals. Completion can take 6-12 months including 80 hours of mandatory work placement.

Certificate III in Business

Certificate III in Business

This certificate is created to reflect the role of workers providing support for those with mental illness through community-based programs. To complete this course you must complete at least 80 hours of placement over the 12 month course duration.

Short Courses

Certificate III in Business

Assist Clients with Medication

Assisting clients with medication is an important aspect of many community service roles, including support workers, and carers. This nationally accredited course is specifically designed for the community services sector.

Provide First Aid CPR Course

Provide First Aid and CPR

This is a one day course that will teach you the skills required to provide first aid and CPR in the community services sector. We can even tailor your training by showing you how to adapt your skills for when working with people with a disability or the elderly.

Trauma Informed Care Course

Trauma Informed Care

This short course has been designed by industry experts who have decades of experience providing trauma informed care to help you gain the necessary skills to better support people that have experienced trauma. Complete online or in-person.

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