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Help People Better Their Mental Health 

Having good mental health is important in every aspect of our lives. Mental health affects our functioning, productivity, how we contribute to society, and our overall wellbeing, so it’s a key aspect of our lives that shouldn’t be ignored. Maintaining good mental health isn’t just crucial for our own wellbeing, though— it also plays into our roles in our families, friendship groups, and the wider community. 

Trauma and medical conditions are just a few of the many factors that can have a detrimental effect on mental health. To counter this, Australia has developed a diverse range of services, focusing on evidence-based care, to support those seeking to improve their mental wellbeing. 


Should you be in pursuit of a fulfilling career that provides diverse experiences and the opportunity to impact numerous lives nationwide, a profession in mental health might be the perfect fit for you. breakthru College offers mental health courses that grant you the credentials to engage in diverse roles within community-based non-government organisations, respite care, rehabilitation programs, and home-based outreach. With the insights and expertise acquired through a mental health course at breakthru College, you could embark on a lasting career that enriches not only your life but your community as well. 

mental health training Parramatta

Mental Health Courses with breakthru College 

A career in mental health support offers a wonderful opportunity for those who are compassionate and empathetic, and wish to profoundly affect the lives of people and the community. The education at breakthru College is designed to foster the vital knowledge and skills that are needed to launch a gratifying career in this field.  

The mental health field is much more varied than it may appear, so there are many paths you can follow depending on your career goals. Whether you’re hoping to work in a clinical setting, residential services, or in home-based outreach, there’s a course tailored to where you want to be.  

Any course you opt for will provide you with the essential skills and the necessary insight to secure the qualification you have in mind. The duration of each course may vary with the qualification, but students always receive strong backing from our skilled workers and trainers, giving you the peace of mind that you’re learning from the very best.  

You’ll also be given the opportunity to gain experience through work placements, where you’ll work with those in the community to get a real feel for the difference you’ll be making. As for how you study, that’s up to you! You have the option to study in-person or online, as we understand how important flexibility is to us all. 


Our Mental Health Courses 

The nationally recognised courses at breakthru College deliver the essential knowledge and hands-on experience necessary for a fruitful career in the mental health industry. These courses are not only engaging and enlightening but also packed with practical application, offering you a rich perspective into the profession you’re preparing to embrace.  

For an in-depth look at the unit and entry requirements, and the available delivery modes for each of our courses, please follow the corresponding links. 

Available courses include: 

Certificate IV in Mental Health

This course serves as a gateway to the mental health sector, enabling mental health care practice in diverse community areas including residential facilities, medical environments, and work-related programs. 

Course duration:

  •  12 months

Work placement:

  •  80 hours (mandatory)

Metal Health job prospects include: 

  • Mental health worker.
  • Mental health outreach worker.
  • Community rehabilitation and support worker.
  • Mental health intake officer.
Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work

This course caters to those engaged in mental health services who have direct experience with mental health conditions as either a caretaker or recipient. Workers in this role support their counterparts in an array of situations, ranging from government and community-operated to public and privately held services. 

 Course duration:

  • 12 months

 Work placement:

  •  80 hours (mandatory)

 Mental Health job prospects include:

  • Health peer worker
  • Youth peer worker
  • Peer mentor
  • Peer support worker
  • Carer

Mental Health in Australia

Around 7.3 million people, or nearly half of all adult Australians, may suffer from poor mental health at some time in their life. This can turn life into something more difficult than it should be, culminating in issues such as familial difficulties, loss of employment, self-harm, homelessness, and complications with physical health.  

It’s clear that mental health services are in high demand. With the number of Australians needing mental health support and just over 62,000 mental health workers registered in Australia in 2020, we currently don’t have anywhere near the number of mental health care workers that we need. The good news is that you can be a part of the change and play a role in helping people better their lives from the inside out. Australia as a whole is looking for compassionate, dedicated people to work in the mental health sector, and here at breakthru College we’re proud to offer this opportunity.  

The demand for mental health services in Australia is undoubtedly high. With the pressing need for mental health support among Australians and just over 62,000 mental health professionals recorded in the country in 2020, our current workforce falls far short of what’s required. The silver lining is that you can contribute to this change and have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Compassionate and committed individuals are sought after to join the mental health sector, and breakthru College is pleased to present this opportunity. 

mental health Parramatta

Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health Training 

What's the length of a mental health training course in Australia?
Based on the qualification you undertake, the duration of the course can differ. Generally, it takes about 12 months, whether you decide to study on-site or online. 
What is the cost to study mental health in Australia?
Subsidised training is available for eligible students for all breakthru College courses. These include the Skills Assure Funding (QLD) and the Smart & Skilled Funding (NSW). Where funding is not available, we offer payment plan options including weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payment plans. 

For specific course fees, please get in touch with breakthru College. 

What sets apart Certificate IV in Mental Health from Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work?
Both qualifications are suitable for roles within the mental health sector. Certificate IV in Mental Health allows workers to care for people in need of mental health support. Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work differs as it allows workers to support consumer or carer peers in the workplace and various mental health services. 
Do the courses include practical experience in mental health support?
Real-life opportunities are included in our courses, enabling you to build confidence, competence, and the necessary skills as you learn within the classroom setting. These enriching practical experiences are fully supported by our skilled workers and trainers. 
In which educational pathways can these courses be included?
By successfully completing a course with breakthru College, you may proceed to further study opportunities, including diploma or bachelor-level qualifications. 
Can I get recognition of prior learning (RPL)?
If you’ve partaken in learning before, you might be in a position to receive credit. Please make contact with breakthru College for personalised advice. 
Is pursuing mental health support a promising career choice?
Providing assistance to those needing attention in the mental health field, and/or aiding carer or consumer peers in mental health scenarios, is an incredibly satisfying, respected, and helpful vocation. The essential nature of mental health and the growing requirement for care due to prevalent mental health problems mean that support workers are in high demand, ensuring dependable job prospects. 
What job prospects can result from finishing the mental health courses at breakthru College?
Successfully finishing our mental health courses will enable you to embark on a career in the mental health services field. Potential employment can encompass positions like mental health support worker, mental health social worker, or involvement in community services or non-government organisations. Such roles typically include caring for individuals in community or clinical surroundings, assisting those dealing with mental health difficulties. 
Does breakthru College offer online mental health courses?
Yes, breakthru College, being a certified training institution, offers online mental health courses. This versatility permits you to undertake your studies at your own pace and from any location, acting as an alternative for those who would rather not participate in standard, centre-based programmes. 


What skills and knowledge will I gain from the Certificate IV in Mental Health course?
Our Certificate IV in Mental Health provides you the competence to work proficiently with those who have mental illness. You will be trained to render services in an array of community and residential locations, comprehending how to establish self-driven recovery bonds and make use of trauma-informed practices. 
How can the mental health courses at breakthru College support my career change into the mental health sector?
Our mental health courses are constructed to provide you with both the conceptual wisdom and hands-on skill essential for a profession in the mental health arena. You’ll delve into various mental health problems, rehab programs, and tactics to curb them. Paired with on-site industry placement experiences, you will have the opportunity to gain tangible skills in offering instruction and aid to people from all walks of life grappling with mental health challenges. 
How do the mental health courses at breakthru College train students to deal with crisis situations?
We include techniques for managing emergency scenarios in our mental health courses. These courses enable you to foster both social and physical health in individuals grappling with mental health complications, including those suffering from simultaneous mental health and psychiatric disabilities. 
What help does breakthru College give to those enrolled in online mental health courses?
We endeavour to  create spaces for like-minded students to connect and thrive. Under the guidance of our skilled educators and prominent industry figures, we offer comprehensive assistance to those studying online. From making sense of the lessons to navigating individual scenarios, we’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. 
What prerequisites are needed for mental health courses at breakthru College?
The criteria for enrolling in our mental health courses change according to the exact course. We advise potential participants to review the course explanations on our website or liaise with our career support team for specific details. 
What are the financial help choices for those studying mental health courses at breakthru College?
We strive to make education available to all qualifying students. Based on the course and your individual situation, numerous possibilities might be accessible, such as complimentary TAFE course positions, instalment arrangements, and additional assistance for tuition costs. Please get in touch with our team for more details adapted to your needs. 
How are self-advocacy principles integrated into the mental health courses at breakthru College?
Our courses aim to empower students to become informed and engaged professionals. You will learn about self-advocacy within the mental health sector, understanding how to use your voice and influence to improve mental health services and support for individuals dealing with mental health issues. 
What does the work placement component of the mental health courses at breakthru College involve?
Work placements constitute an essential aspect of our mental health courses. This vital experience equips you with the means to utilise the theoretical wisdom you’ve attained during your studies in tangible care scenarios. You’ll undertake work under surveillance within a caregiving network or mental health service, affording you the opportunity to acquire immediate industry know-how before you finish your studies. 

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